Saturday, July 11, 2009

Starting out

I've always wanted to blog....checked out many blogs and many sites a lot of times but never got around to starting one of my own.

Finally i have :)

And the reason for me starting is very interesting too....its because of a contest i so want to get chosen for!! Its the mitsubishi Great Driving Challenge and as part of the actual contest, we have to blog.....thought i would start early and check out how this will be....

One of the reasons i'd never started a blog was cuz i thought i would get too addicted to it and would not be able to stop.....cant imagine now why i thought that was a bad thing!! writing is excellent and it gives you such an amazing way to vent your feelings!!

Now that i've started writing, i'm pouring with ideas about what i should write!!

Sai and me travel a lot, and we should have started a blog long back to just to record all the fab experiences we've had and all the wonderful people we've met.

We're both architects and we meet really interesting people everyday of our lifes!! in fact, we've always had plans of writing a book when we retire (theres no way we are risking our practice by writing it now!!)

Theres our families (Sais a mangalorean bunt and i am a malayali) and its uncanny how similar and how different they are to each other!! both of us have the craziest families ever and some of our best times have been spent with them :)

Then theres of course out favorite topic....something both of us can go on and on and on about.....our 2 doggies...Maximillian (he doesnt know this....he responds to Max or Maxi) and Cocoa. there are the highlights of our lives and everything revolves around them.

I think i've decided, i'll write a little (i hope i can stop!) about them as my very first blog!!

I just looked to see where both of them are and my heart just melted (all over again....its making a habit out of melting these days!!). Both max and cocoa are sleeping together at my foot.....i love it when they do this!! they look absolutely adorable then......max using cocoa as a pillow (its usually this way cuz max is boney and cocoa is a total bolster!)....i have never seen any other pair of doggies who do this!! maybe its cuz they are mine and i think they are both brilliant and unique and the bestest ever that i feel that no other dogs do what they do but its true!! you shud meet them to believe it!!

i had always wanted to run sumplace far whenever people start talking about everything their kids do......the kid this - the kid that!! i'd promised myself that i wud never do something like that.....and now i tell myself that me talking away (i do only if someone asks me about them.....but once i start, i cant stop!) is totally fine cuz they are amazing little doggies!! the world has to know!!

just realised that i will have to cut this short now.....we've to go out today and its already quite late......thats us...latecomers to all parties.....and we're trying to improve that!! the last few times, we were one of the first few to all parties!!

ok, there i go off on a tangent again!!

i'll leave with a snap of my little ones sleeping.......

and ya, i can get addicted to this!! :)

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