Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Challenges and Changes

The last few days have been some of the most interesting days of my life!! You know how when people taking part in all the contest and reality shows on TV go on about how the show has changed them and you think they are just being fake? I was so wrong!!

Sai and me are now trying our best to get chosen for The Great Driving Challenge and I am now feeling exactly like the very participants that I used to think were fake!! Since we registered 6 days back, I've been like a bull let loose in a china shop!! I've been on an absolute greeting is not 'Hi' or 'Hiyee' anymore, its 'Vote for us' with a ':-)' for effect!! And I'm not sparing anyone who dares to come on chat in Facebook or much that I think all my friends must now be scared of seeing me online!!

Basically what I am trying to get at is that these contest do actually change people!! They start realizing things about themselves that they never knew. Evil things that lay dormant waiting to be awakened and nice things which were till then well hidden. And this I know from what I've been going through in the past few days!!

For one, I've become totally aggressive, pursuing all my friends relentlessly for votes ( so much that many of them are refusing to come online now and the ones who do,log off as soon as i start chatting with them!! ). To top that off, I'm absolutely shameless now!! I've started chatting with friends I haven't talked to or kept much in touch with for years now and I start all those chats also with 'Vote for us :-)'. I would never ever have believed I am capable of something like that if I didn't see me doing it myself!! Trust me its that bad!!

Its not all bad though.....I've discovered few useful things about me that I never knew was in me!! For one, boy am i persistent!! And so thoroughly single minded!! This so-far-well-hidden trait is something that Sai ( my boss at work ) sees a lot of potential in!! He's been thinking of ways to put this new me to use at work as soon as I'm done with this!! And I've discovered an alternate profession!! Planning trips!!! I sat a whole night ( me, who's really really fond of my sleep!! ) charting out routes and places and highways and reading up about everything I want to see and do. This is something that I've been doing for a year now but I never thought of actually doing this as a profession!! I mean why not....I've been planning trips for a lot of friends this year not to mention for ourselves so maybe I can try this as an addition to what I am already doing......hmmmm......

And its not just me, Sai has changed a lot too!! I'm the ever excitable one, the jumping jack of the family but has he overtaken me in this one!! I've never seen him so excited and so enthusiastic about anything before and I absolutely love it!! We seem to be feeding off each other now......anytime I am a little less on energy, he pulls me right back and vice versa!! We're a total power packed team!! Yipeeee!!

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