Monday, December 12, 2011

Namma Metro

On a chilly sunday evening our entire family decided to check out Namma Metro. Well, it wasnt as easy as it sounds because initially the plan was to go to MG road by metro and then all of us so used to the comfort of a car decided that we'll come back by it instead. We were going to KSCA at the Chinnaswamy stadium for dinner so no better oppurtunity than to try the metro out.

We almost missed out on the experience since dinner got really late but managed to run and catch the very last train from MG Road to Bayappanahalli. Sai and I had initially decided to skip the ride and join Samarth in the car to pick everyone up at Bayappanahalli. But we got to the station and all of us ran out the car!! We managed to get tickets superfast and literally flew up the stairs (they had switched off the lifts by then!!) to get to the train on time. My mother in law suffers from arthiritis but in all the excitement, she also ran up the stairs!! I have never seen her walk or climb that fast ever!!

The ride was good....the train was pretty crowded for past 10pm on a Sunday evening. To get a view of the city you have to travel during the day. All we could see was flickering lights of a lazy evening. The ride was comfortable though. Stations peppered the short ride but that'll be good once the whole of Bangalore is connected and more people start using the metro.

Right now i think most of the traffic on Namma Metro is people like us trying the metro out. Once all the wings get operational is probably when it will be most useful in a city which has waaaay too many cars!!

Friday, December 2, 2011

A very very short journey....

We always forget to value whats closest to us. I realised how true this was yesterday when Sai and I decided to take photos of the plants and flowers in our garden. Why were we so busy planning trips to gardens and parks when there was a paradise of colours right outside the main door?!!

Our garden comes to life in spurts....with 3 boisterous doggies about all day long its a lost cause trying to have a lawn! And with them running amok all over the place and using the garden as a mini boxing ring, its really tough for most of the delicate plants. But looks like almost all the ones that have survived have gotten used to Max, Cocoa and Tiny and are here to stay!

Yesterday I got the time to walk all around the house and marvel at the tenacious plants which have bloomed and flowered and grown so marvellously! There are a lot of Geraniums - one of Sais favourites. We have them in most colours and the front porch is a tribute to creeper geraniums in all colours!

Another favourite is the bougainvillea and we have always had those in the planters....even before we became gardeners for a brief period. We have them in a lot of shades and everytime we see anything unique, we pick it up.

Then theres this fascination we've always had for the Temple Tree - the Frangipani. Its architecturally beautiful and a lot of gardens and homes we design have one as a central feature. Ever since we learned that all this hardly plant needs is a place to prosper, we've been collecting cuttings from every roadside plant we see and prefer!

There are soo many pretty plants and flowers....never realised how beautiful they all are till i saw them through my camera lens. My roses havnt bloomed yet....waiting for them now.