Thursday, July 16, 2009


I'd been on a altogether different high the last week....campaining for votes, talking to and chatting with friends after ages, reading, writing....didnt know that a almost a week had passed till i saw the date today!!
Last thursday evening is when we evening it'll be exactly a week. Time has absolutely flown!! We log onto our computers as soon as we're up at 7 and keep going till 11 at night......and we never know when the day started and ended!!
In those 16 odd hours everyday, we've gotten more close to a lot of our friends, made loads of new friends, have had the unlikeliest of well wishers and been touched by some of the sweetest testimonials and efforts :-).
Those are what is keeping me afloat today......the slowest day of our campaign so far. The day started all wrong actually......decided to try changing our profile pictures in the morning not knowing that the application would then go into moderation and that would take time.........precious time which would have cost us a lot of votes. That put us both in a really bad mood and to top that off, the votes are not at all coming in today and we've been slipping and slipping in position!!
Guess it'll pick up in a while......waiting for that.......

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