Saturday, August 1, 2009

The ugly, the bad and the good :)

Been a while since i blogged.....for 2 weeks, all i thought about was what to put up in my next blog!! But i'm back!! I actually missed blogging!! This is about what happened in between which made me stop for a while.

The Ugly.
We're not in the Great Driving challenge anymore. And trust me it took me a while to say that so unemotionally. The first few hours after our names were not in the minesweep, it didnt register well enough. And i was fine for a while.....changed my facebook status, told friends and family that we didnt make it and that it was ok, thanked everyone and sat in front of the comp again like nothing had happened.
And then it dawned!! WE WERE NOT IN THE TOP 12!!
All i wanted to do was sleep then!! it was 4 or so in the afternoon and i slept. Slept for over 4 hours and then got back to the comp to check if something was wrong and we had missed our names......we hadnt.

The Bad.
The next day was fine. I accepted that we had not made in and that everyone who had were pretty good. There was no bitterness.....nothing. The bad part was telling everyone!! All our friends had been as excited about this as we were and they were all dissappointed. My mom had totally expected us to make it and she felt really bad.

We both had been on our computers, campaining and chatting and blogging and checking the progress of everything from 7 in the morning to 12 at night for a whole 10 days and we suddenly felt lost!! didnt know what to do!! The withdrawal symptoms lasted a few more days before things got back to normal. Even now, i keep going to the Great Driving Challenege site and checking blogs and following the contestants but i miss it. I really do.

The Good.

The reason this blog is not called the good, the bad, the ugly but the other way round is because thats the way it is in this case. We were really dissappointed, then we accepted it and finally were so glad we took part as there are way more precious 'goods' than the bad or the ugly!! :)

We've got in touch with so many friends!! Sai talked to his school mates after 17 years!! I never realised that i had not talked to so many of my friends in ages. So many things had changed and now i'm proud to say that i am up to date on most of them!! :)

We made so many new friends. One of the most diffcult things to do after you're finished with school and college is to make lastings friendships. But this experience taught us that its not true. We can still make friends if we try, it only a question of time and patience. And i am so so glad because we met so many new like minded people, so many kindred souls!! Its been an amazing journey.

We got closer to so many friends. We got so much support and following from people we probably didnt expect it from and that was so so heart warming!! I only wish i could be half as nice as them and do this selflessly when someone needs me. After this, i know i will :)

And we've changed......all for the good!! We've started blogging, wanting more than ever to take better pictures, travelling with more passion now, looking at everything in a new light!!
Another positive is that we are not giving up despite not making it. We're definetly taking part in the next Driving Challenge!! The minute i knew they were thinking of having a season 2, i was elated!! And Sai was just as eager to take part again......and next time, we'll be better prepared!!

To sum it all up, its been one of the bestest things we've done as a couple and i've enjoyed it to the hilt.....every bit of it - the ugly, the bad and the good!!
Thanks TDGC :)


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