Thursday, August 6, 2009

On the road to Kabini

We go on a lot of road journeys. And a lot of times, i come back saying that i am never sitting in the car for that long ever again......but when i look back and think about all the trips we've taken, some of the road journeys have been the best and most memorable.

The key is not drive for too long at any go and to stop and have a closer look at all things interesting you find on the way. But a lot of times, we are so much in a hurry and so excited about our destinations that we forget to enjoy the journey itself.
We recently drove from Bangalore to Kabini and that was one of the best journeys ever!! The scenery was beautiful and we kept stopping to admire everything we saw - from trucks and tractors to the hills and fields.
there were swings outside most of the temples.....a young boy told us that they were for the gods.

after crossing mysore, the villages started and we wanted to stop every 5 mins to take the stunning scenery in!!

With us on the journey was our friend who had come from the US for a vacation and she wanted to take snaps of everything on the way!! Initially we kept pulling her leg everytime she made a request and by the end of it, we realised that everything is amazing if you want to see it that way!!
We took photos of everything from roadsigns to all the cattle and dogs and cats on the road and throughly enjoyed it!! This is what we had stopped doing somewhere along the way.......
Thanks a lot Vandy for giving it back to us :)
the roads were wonderful to drive on and the scenery kept us engaged throughout

the rains had made the whole countryside clean and everything was so green!!

The best part was meeting all the most interesting people. There were ladies working on the fields, carrying water and firewood, kids playing, men making new machans and many different things that so many different people were doing......

little boy with the most amazing smile :). we met him near kabini dam.

we were driving by and saw her on the road....i stopped to take a snap and she ran to us asking for money......felt so bad!! gave her a 20rs note and she was most grateful.
The journey to Kabini has totally revived me!! I think we're going to be doing a lot of road journeys for a while now!!
A beautiful large frangipani tree near a temple....
wonder how it looks when it flowers....

milestones on the way.......

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