Thursday, November 17, 2011

I'm beginning to really enjoy all my Sundays this month....its not just about being in front of the TV and comp whole day long anymore. We've been going out and having a great time with some fabulous people and at some really good places. What more can one ask for huh?

The last Sunday was Saishta's birthday celebrations at the Parkfield Resotel near Hoskote in Bangalore. First time we're going there and it was a great idea for a party!! All the kids enjoyed playing in the pool and garden and us adults lazed about watching them and playing a few games and relishing the food.

It was really entertaining to watch all the little ones have fun in their own ways...the birthday girl and my daughter were busy eating grass off the lawn, their cousins were busy running about, the elder boys and men were playing cricket and football and Ananya was taking care of all the younger little girls....a really heart warming sight to witness :-)

Kudos to Padmini and Vikram for organising such a fabulous outing for all of us....we needed it :-)

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