Saturday, October 8, 2011

Restarting the journey....

Its been a long time and lots have happened.....but its never too late and we're back to penning down our experiences in this journey.

Our family has grown since the last posts....we now have 4 children. Max, Cocoa, Alia and Tiny. All of them are unique and make life so so much more interesting. Alia is mighty excited having 4 legged siblings and they in turn are very curious and caring about her. For us, the foursome make for some amazingly endearing moments, from a barking baby to protective brothers :-)

We're slowly getting back to travelling also...the baby is thankfully a willing traveller. And this time round we're doing things differently. We've slowed down and hence able to understand a lot more about the places and experiences. We're more understanding to a baby and so more patient and willing to learn and try a different approach. To Alia everything is a wonder, everything is new and we are discovering with her....from the little crevices in our home to the different colours and wonders anywhere and everywhere.

The journey is always a fulfilling one and filled with twists and turns and we're ready to take it all in.....and we start again......

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